Dance class chiangmai

 Dance class chiangmai ( cover dance , pop , basic, B-boy)  Accepting applications from the age of 5 years and up. Studying for all ages, children and adults (1 course, 1 hour study, 4 times). Focusing on the basics of dancing, using the body, counting beats and dancing in your own style. Learning to dance is an expression that makes people happy, fun. It’s an activity that people feel like they’ve released themselves. It’s also a good exercise. Dance has existed since the era of the world’s first human counterparts. When they felt joyful, they naturally danced. Dance is not only for festivals and merry occasions, it is also part of the ritual. traditions both related to various religions and local cultures around the world as well

Dance practice room rental

service 300 baht/hour

type of dance

1. B-Boy (Break Dance)

is someone who likes hip hop culture especially break dance It is a form of dance that has evolved. as part of hip hop culture Among black and Hispanic adolescents in the South Bronx during the 1970s, the term b-boy was derived from the word break boy, for the reason that they were exclusively dancers. Dances to hip-hop, funk and other genres too, often remixes. Between the break songs Is a feature that resembles acrobatics, somersaults, spinning heads, etc., but this type of dance There will not be much movement of the legs in the dance style, mostly for strength training. and practicing acrobatics But learning must also practice the fluidity of the body.

2. Hip-Hop Dance

Hiphop is a dance in accordance with the rhythm of Hip Hop music, which the main characteristics of this type of music are singing, speaking, rapping (Rap) with electronic music. and different types of percussion instruments (Percussions), which are songs with a medium to very fast tempo Therefore, the gesture of movement is fast dancing, stopping, twitching in each part of the body (isolation) or locking, squatting legs and rocking up and down (Bouncing) and jumping (Hop) to the beat of the music. The dancers will focus on the rhythm of the drums and the bass guitar. The movement of the robot is imitated. and various behaviors in our daily lives, and then adapt them to various dance moves for more variety In addition, hip hop dancers often bring Break Dance to accompany the Hip Hop dance.

3. Poppin and Lockin dancing

Poppin or popping is a mix of funk dance and street dance, but is a dance that requires muscle twitching. Or what joints, organs, parts rely on the fast speed that the dancer uses to arrange various body system postures to fit. It has been dancing since the 1980s.

Lockin is a blend of funk dance and street dance that has now become part of hip hop. Most of them dance in broad and rhythmic rhythms with the music. lockin dance show Most of them will focus on comedy to make the audience smile.

4. Street Jazz

Jazz DANCE is a mix of jazz and hip-hop. The dance moves are more flexible, JAZZ DANCE is more modern. There is the smell of hip-hop dancing into the mix, as can be seen in international music videos such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Pussycatdolls, Beyonce` No prior background required. can study But start with Basic or Beginner.

5. Cover Dance

J-Pop dance is a blend of dance techniques between hip-hop, jazz dance, breakdance and funky. The music genre is similar to K-Pop, but may be quite different from K-Pop. Look at K. -POP Korean dance is fierce and very strong, but J-Pop seems to have a cute style that the audience or fanclub can recognize. And it’s a move that moves like a river because J-Pop will focus on the sound power.

6. Pop Dance
Refers to a dance to electronic dance music. and sub-genres of pop that emerged after the disco era, circa 1981, combining rhythmic dance music with a sub-pop and/or R&B structure. It is a genre of music that evolved from disco music. Mix of rhythm, music, pop and R&B. pop dance It’s a never-ending dance. freedom in dancing including music that does not force much There are also a few musical instruments such as guitar – bass guitar – drums – drum machine – synthesizer.

7. Tap dance or tap dance
It is a type of dance that originated in the United States in the 19th century and is now popular all over the world. The name of this dance derives from the sound “tap tap” as the metal plates under the dance shoes touch the ground. To dance, the dancers move their feet by tapping their feet in different ways to produce sounds and create different rhythms. Therefore, the dancer is considered to be a musician who creates and gives the rhythm as well (Percussive Musician). A good tap dancer must have the ability to tap feet quickly and frequently and be able to produce a sound that different and interrupted (Syncopation)

8. Street Dance

Street Dance is a choreography that combines various dance styles. In the basics such as Break dance, popping &, Locking, Hip Hop, and Jazz Dance by taking the basic movements of both All come together until it comes out as a Street Dance for the youngsters to have fun dancing. It’s full of tips, really. that those who are interested in this dance style must have is Must be someone who is creative in designing unconventional postures. But must be accepted by these dance groups together because this dance style is not limited to gender, can be a fun style. Can dance for both women and men The male side will have a dance style that looks and feels strong. As for the women, they will focus on the unison and look beautiful in their own dance team. The really special feature of the Street Dance is that the dancers are able to take gesture of gymnastics Apply this style of dance without embarrassment, for example somersaults, turrets, back spins, and scorpions. These dance moves were not so poor that their fellow dancers could not hone their skills.

9. Ballroom dancing

Ballroom Dance is a sport that focuses on the beauty and movement of the dancers. according to different rhythms by being born among the western aristocracy Popularly using dance as an activity in social events.