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Doremi Music We are a music school. In Chiang Mai, emphasis is placed on learning music, teaching music by comprising standardized courses.
Accepting applications from the age of 4 years. Teaching, we focus on one-on-one learning. so that students get the most benefit in learning

We emphasize both theory and practice along with inserting activities for students to enjoy learning.
The course focuses on classical music or inserts songs that students love as well.

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Open 9.00 - 18.00 น.


Accepting from age 4 year old.

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One on one lesson



Music lessons Chiang Mai

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Accepting from age 4 year old.​

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Our Teachers

Prantong Boonprasert (Kru Joy)

Subjects taught: piano, violin 
– Graduated with a bachelor’s degree Bachelor of Arts Program Major in International Music, Major in Piano, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University (2013)
– Graduated with a master’s degree Payap University, Chiang Mai Master of Music Program in Education (Year 2018)
– Experience teaching music to children and adults for more than 10 years


Kanittha (Kru Gib)

Subjects taught: piano
– Graduated with a bachelor’s degree Bachelor of Music Department of International Music, University of Phayao (year 2019)


Yoryod Jaroonrut  (Kru Yor)

Subjects taught: violin, guitar, ukulele
– Playing professional music for 28 years in the position of bass, guitar, violin (banjo, mandolin)
– Experience teaching music school, POP Music Academy – Speaker of the music club of the Bank of Thailand’s staff
– composing music, working at Studio Sony Music, composing music, musical train in the moon rabbit costume


Question : How old do you have to be to learn music?
Answer: You can learn music from 4 years old.

Question : How many music courses do I have to take in order to play a song?
Answer: After completing the first course, you can play 1 song.

Question: When can I study music?
Answer : You can choose the time to study music, study 1-2 times a week.

Question: I’ve never studied music before. Will you be able to study?
Answer: You can study music. We have courses for beginners. who have never studied before making it easy to learn

Question: If you don’t have a musical instrument yet? Can you study music?
Answer: For learners who do not have musical instruments, they can learn music. We have them to borrow for use during study hours.

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