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Learning the piano It doesn’t just enhance your musical skills. but also helps with meditation Development of both left and right brain hemispheres and help increase language learning as well The piano is an easy-to-play instrument. Suitable for people who want to start learning music.”

“学习钢琴不仅可以提高你的音乐技能。它还有助于冥想、左右大脑半球的发育,还有助于增加语言学习。钢琴是一种易于演奏的乐器。适合任何想要的人 开始学习音乐。”

We offer piano lessons in Chiang Mai. There are both Thai courses and English courses Emphasis is on one-to-one piano lessons using the standard “Hal Leonard” course that is suitable for piano learning beginners, easy to understand, and quick to develop, and we also provide a course for learners who want to measure their grades “ABRSM” (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music)

我们在清迈提供钢琴课程。 有泰语课程和英语课程,重点是一对一的钢琴课,使用标准的“Hal Leonard”课程,适合钢琴学习初学者,易于理解,快速开发,我们还提供课程 想要衡量成绩的学习者“ABRSM”(皇家音乐学院联合委员会)


Learn Piano Chiang Mai: one on one lesson (Single class) teaches both theory and practice. Standard course, knowledgeable and fun. piano lessons Helps to develop the brain, increase concentration, increase memory, make students focus Build personality with confidence, assertiveness, initiative Teaching children from 4 years old and older. Can teach both children and adults. can choose the time to study

The place of study is in the village. Koolpunt Ville 9 Hang Dong Chiang Mai

学习钢琴清迈:一对一课程(单节课)教授理论和实践。 标准课程,知识渊博,有趣。 钢琴课 有助于开发大脑,提高注意力,增加记忆力,使学生专注 建立自信、自信、主动的个性 教 4 岁及以上的儿童。 大人小孩都可以教。 可以选择学习时间

学习地点在村里。 Koolpunt Ville 9 Hang Dong 清迈
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ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) is a collaborative organization of four world-class music institutions coming together to bring music exam guidelines to international standards. and is reliable at the world class level
• Royal Academy of Music, London
• Royal College of Music, London
• Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester
• Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow ABRSM has been taking the exam for over 130 years and is widely accepted in the UK. and countries around the world. Each year more than 630,000 people take the exam from more than 93 countries.

ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) 是一个由四家世界级音乐机构共同组成的合作组织,旨在将音乐考试指南与国际标准相结合。 并且在世界级水平上是可靠的
• 伦敦皇家音乐学院
• 伦敦皇家音乐学院
• 曼彻斯特皇家北方音乐学院
• 苏格兰皇家音乐学院,格拉斯哥 ABRSM 参加考试已有 130 多年,并在英国被广泛接受。 和世界各国。 每年有超过 630,000 人来自超过 93 个国家/地区参加考试。

Piano practice room rental
350 baht/hour

Learned the piano, what did you learn?

  1. Learning the piano helps in brain development in the listening area and improves memory.
  2. Learning the piano improves math skills.
  3. Learning the piano helps to learn the language better.
  4. Learn the piano to improve reading skills. make more understandable
  5. Learning to play piano encourages creativity.
  6. Learning the piano can help you manage your time better.
  7. Learning the piano helps to have more discipline and patience.
  8. Learning the piano helps build hand muscles and help hand-eye coordination.
  9. Learning the piano helps to improve the rhythm of playing.
  10. Learning the piano helps to increase your self-confidence.
  11. Learning the piano reduces stress and anxiety.
  12. Learning the piano helps you enjoy and relax.
  13. Learning the piano helps to learn the movement of the body.
  14. Learning piano helps develop brain structure and mental abilities.
  15. Learning the piano helps with learning culture.
Our teacher piano

Prantong Boonprasert (Kru Joy)

Subjects taught: piano, violin 
– Graduated with a bachelor’s degree Bachelor of Arts Program Major in International Music, Major in Piano, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University (2013)
– Graduated with a master’s degree Payap University, Chiang Mai Master of Music Program in Education (Year 2018)
– Experience teaching music to children and adults for more than 10 years


Kanittha (Kru Gib)

Subjects taught: piano
– Graduated with a bachelor’s degree Bachelor of Music Department of International Music, University of Phayao (year 2019)