Vocal class chiangmai

Vocal class chiangmai Teach from 4 years old and up – adults starting from the basics, breathing exercises, pronunciation practice, sound warming practicing techniques such as Using the tremolo (Vibrato), controlling the volume of vocals (Dynamic), pronouncing, using the power of the voice, etc., as well as solving problems in singing such as unclear pronunciation. Singing distorted, out of rhythm, out of key, etc. This course is suitable for both those who are just beginning to sing. And both those who can sing well, which will fix various flaws to strengthen their confidence in singing. Emphasis on singing different styles of songs Whether it’s Pop/ Pop rock/ Rock/ Acoustic/ Jazz/ R&B/ Soul/ including country music. and original Thai songs

Doremi Music Chiang Mai Singing Course: 4 lessons per course (1 hour each) one on one lesson (Single class) teaches both theory and practice. Standard course, knowledgeable and fun, you can choose the time to study. The place of study is in the village. Koolpunt Ville 9 Chiang Mai-Hang Dong Road, Mae Hia